Warehouse logistics – individual solutions for exceptional requirements

With us, your products are in the safest hands. Whether a shelf warehouse, block storage warehouse or an open depot – we will provide you with an individual solution that is perfectly tailored to your needs. For this, we have a freight forwarding terminal with around 18,500 m² of space, around rd. 9,500 m² covered storage area, over 2,000 generously proportioned shelving spaces and 800 m² video-monitored freight handling space available.

Additional services – not a problem for us

We are also happy to take on additional services for you, such as order picking, quality checks, packaging and labelling as well as container storage and stripping . Our rail connections give you access to a railport without the need for you to operate your own rail connection. As well as providing an environmentally friendly transport offering, this will also enable you to optimise your freight costs for goods that are suitable for transportation by rail. The diversity of freight handling equipment we have on offer ensures that almost all types of freight can be processed safely and with due care.

The warehouse profile of Nuber – state-of-the-art technology for your products

  • Fully-insulated reinforced concrete construction with trapezoidal sheet metal façade and unlimited floor load-bearing capacity.
  • Double skinned, insulated aluminium roof (Calzip)
  • Between 6.40 m and 7.80 m (UK binder) clear height in the hall
  • Firewalls with electronically monitored access doors for fork-lift truck traffic
  • Fire alarm system with dedicated line to the fire brigade
  • Retaining basin for water for firefighting
  • Hydraulic loading ramps for heavy loads, including at the rail connection
  • High-performance electronic merchandise planning and control system with client-capable web-based online connection
  • DIN 14001 and HACCP certified

The shelf warehouse

  • Over 2,000 storage bays designed to fit standard Euro-palette dimensions with a bay height of 1.40 m, load-bearing capacity of 1,000 kg, oversize pallets up to a depth of 140 cm and a height of up to 220 cm
  • Storage bays with WHG (German Water Resources Act) approval
  • Temperature controllable (up to 15°C during the winter)
  • Single bay access with electronic bay management
  • Fire alarm system (with connection to the fire department)
  • State-of-the-art IT systems capable of implementing (almost) all storage systems, including batch management, FIFO, LIFO etc.

The block storage warehouse

  • 7,500 sqm of storage area, including 1350 sqm with WHG (German Water Resources Act) approval
  • High-quality industrial flooring
  • Trolley crane system (with a rated load-bearing capacity of 6.3 t), which covers the 1500 sqm block storage warehouse and the rail connection

Key products

  • Paper logistics for paper rolls and sheet papers
  • Chimney-style stacking up to a height of 7.5 m
  • Various clamp trucks for a max. roll weight of 4.5 t and a max. roll diameter of 2000 mm
  • 4-way selection of clamping pressures
  • Coated contact plates on all clamps
  • Temperature control up to 15°C if required
  • Loading/unloading also possible via rail connection
  • Container stowage, unloading

Hazardous materials logistics

  • Officially approved up to the quantitative restrictions in accordance with the 23rd BIMSch directive
  • Fire alarm system
  • Retaining basin for water for firefighting
  • Emergency shower
  • Emergency plan and fire brigade operation schedule
  • Container stowage, unloading

Warehouse logistics for machinery, steel, general commercial goods

  • Machinery and machine components (crane loading/unloading of individual units with a maximum weight of 6.3 t)
  • For coils (steel, NF metals, plastics, crane loading/unloading with C-hooks, including above the rail track)

Overview of loading/unloading equipment

  • High-rack fork-lift trucks and high-rack order pickers
  • Paper roll stackers with different roll clamps
  • Fork-lift trucks with varying load-bearing capacities
  • Double-decker electric lifting trucks
  • Trolley craneway (6.3 t)

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