Interested in technical features?

In addition to the standard levels of equipment , which include a spacious cab for long-distance driving, comfortable seats with comprehensive adjustment options and built-in heating, auxiliary heating and air conditioning, ABS, TCS, ESP and mobile phones with hands-free devices, all of our tractor units are also equipped with the the following systems:


MAN Telematics multifunction solution, comprising:

Truck-specific navigation solution for our truck drivers (which is quite different from standard, commercially available car navigation systems) with online road traffic information, supply of the current vehicle location and route history, trip status data and remaining driving time information for our dispatchers, online access to the service status of the vehicle with tracking of all due dates for servicing/inspections, optional access options for the client.

Adaptive Cruise Control for driver assistance:

The system effectively ensures that the minimum safety gap to the vehicle in front is maintained at all times and provides effective protection against rear-end collisions – particularly in poor visibility conditions.

Lane Assist – even though you should never really need it.


Auxiliary air conditioning – to ensure our drivers can enjoy a restful break when it is hot outside.


Our entire fleet is equipped with:

Low rolling resistance / low-noise tyres


Spray suppression mudguards – everyone who has ever overtaken a truck in the rain will appreciate the value of this detail.


… and to ensure that every trip starts out as safely, he have our own covered and brightly lit service station that enables thorough pre-departure checks to be carried out under dry conditions, plus an ice removal platform with a length of 15 m to ensure that snow and sheets of ice can be safely and easily removed before each truck leaves the company premises.


Electronically controlled air spring suspension with load-controlled air bellows pressure on individual axles (this helps to prevent the maximum permitted axle load from being exceeded on individual axles when the truck is partially unloaded and helps boost driving stability).



Last but not least, we have our own washing station to keep our vehicles looking clean, and we offer safe, sheltered parking options to protect loads that could be damaged by frost during the winter months.