Transport – a state-of-the-art fleet and qualified drivers

Not only do we offer the services of qualified transport companies as part of our haulage operations, but we also have a state-of-the-art fleet of vehicles ready for your transports.
All of our haulage trucks are less than three years old – for us, keeping emissions and noise to a minimum is equally as important as comprehensive safety equipment such as Adaptive Cruise Control and Lane Assist as well as telematics, mobile telephones and ADR equipment.
In addition, our 16 semitrailers offer genuine flexibility. Combined with our wide-ranging special equipment and highly-trained personnel, we always deliver the perfect result. Fast, flexible and absolutely reliable.

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Our tractor units

  • 8 semitrailer tractors (Euro 6) with state-of-the-art safety equipment

Our semitrailers

  • 11 tautliner semitrailers with Edscha tarpaulin roof, paper loading/unloading equipment (Joloda rails/perforated rails with wedges) and XL 12462 certificate
  • 3 dry freight boxes with double-decker facilities and and XL 12462 certificate
  • 2 standard tautliners with Edscha tarpaulin roof

Semitrailer special equipment

  • Paper loading/unloading equipment (Joloda rails/perforated rails with spindle wedges, continuous lashing points, reinforced floors)
  • Load securing equipment (lashing straps, locking beams, edge protectors, anti-slip intermediate layers) on board
  • Edscha tarpaulin roof for crane loading on all curtainsiders
  • Electronically controlled pneumatic suspension with ESP and Dynamic Axle Load Program for the ultimate in driving safety
  • Retroreflective lettering and contour markings make the semitrailers easier to spot in poor visibility conditions, long before this has been implemented in law.
  • Load securing certificate in accordance with DIN 12462 Code XL (incl. beverages transport and requirements of the German Railways DB)

Our staff

  • ADR/GGVS-qualified truck drivers, all of whom are employed under permanent contracts
  • Unrivalled know-how thanks to regular training
  • All drivers also have licenses to operate fork-lift trucks and cranes
  • Above-average length of employment with the company
  • Permanent employees as back-up illness and holiday cover (no "temporary staff"!)

Special features

  • Waste transportation permit across the whole of Germany and for all types of waste
  • Permanent exemption certificate for widths of up to 3 m and load lengths of 15 m (for loads that cannot be broken down) across the whole of Germany