Consulting – a competent and comprehensive service

Have you ever found yourself in a position where you "couldn't see the wood for the trees"? This is where help from outside can make all the difference.

And this is where we come in – delivering far more than we cost. Good consulting services are based on trust, integrity und know-how. We can claim all of these three characteristics for ourselves. We would never take advantage of your order to simply maximise utilisation of our capacity. Instead, our own practical expertise in the world of logistics business means that we can promise our customers that we actually know what we are doing because this is our daily business – so our customers will never be dropped into the role of guinea pigs. Here, alongside our operational expertise – which of course cannot be beaten – we can also offer the necessary commercial background.

Personal consulting, well-founded and pragmatic solutions

Your personal consultant will be a managerial-level member of our team who can involve the relevant specialists from our company as required in the operational aspects. So it may well be that he or she will bring along the warehouse manager, an experienced driver or our IT specialist and visit you on-site to offer the added value you justifiably expect for your outlay.
We will offer you well-founded and pragmatic solutions, even for complex logistics issues. We base our approach on entrepreneurial thinking that takes into account the entire process.